Dutu Group

Dutu Group Limited

the Company

Dutu group is an investment group established in 2012, aiming to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from Information Technology, Food, Transportation, Education, Health, Energy, Agriculture, Real Estate, Mobile Telephony, Financial Services. Over the next few years, we plan to invest significantly to achieve our ambition. We want to be a truly great company, sustained through creative imagination to obtain a powerful growth, and meeting high standards of deliverable.

As a company we are now focusing in offering two IT services these are as follow:

  • System Analysis And Design
  • Website Consultation, Designing, Redesigning and Hosting and Domain Registration

We have acquired the skills and knowledge in these services for many years, our skills has been put to test and raised the standard so high its even hard to look back. We have a very clear and straight culture here at Dutu Group which helps us to achieve to the best in whatever we undertake.

the name

A long time ago the parents of Dutu moved from their original birth place to a new area in search of better life. The family had been living under difficult conditions. They traveled to a place that was characterized by abundant forest and rich soil. This is where they decided to begin a new life. They made camp and prepared the land for planting crops and raising the few domestic animals they owned.

It was during this time that Dutu's mom went into labor and gave birth to a son. When her husband returned from working in the field he asked to hold the baby. The father was still sweating from toiling on the land and that gave him the idea to name the boy Jasho or Lidutu. The father looked at his infant son Lidutu and said unto him," son, you were born at this time when I am sweating and toiling on the land. You will be strong and achieve great things. One day you will become a ruler. He was predicting major things in the future of his son.

Many years passed and many people came by. They asked to join the family of Lidutu and settled in the area; The only two conditions Lidutu's father gave those wishing to settle were that they swear allegiance to him and they agree to give part of their harvest to the Lidutu family. Seni was the name of Lidutu's father and the area they settled was called Nela. Seni became the very first chief of Nela. 

Lidutu grew to be a hard working and responsible young man in the likeness of his father. In time Seni grew old and passed away. Lidutu became chief of Nela. Chief Lidutu did not slacken his hardworking ethic. In his toils he sweated even more than his father. In this regard, none of the people he ruled over could complain that he was a hard task master because he worked as hard or even more. He led by example. Those he ruled over not wanting to offend him, shortened his name to Dutu whenever they were talking about him. For example whenever they saw him coming to inspect their work they would say,  guys keep working hard, Dutu is coming.

This is how Nela became a chiefdom under Seni and his son Lidutu.


the culture

our motto

Creative Execution Matters

our mission

To Research, Analyse and Provide solutions to multiple industries

our vision

To become Multi-Nation and Multi-Industry company that uses technology making Earth a Better place to Live for Everyone

the future

We have BIG dreams, we think beyond imagination and we want to give you a glimpse of what we imagine our future. As we already highlight that we are not an IT company, we have plans to venture in many industries as elaborated here-under:

  • Transportation Industry
  • Education by having Education Village where we raise the next generation leaders, entrepreneurs and better parents
  • Health Industry having plans to develop local laboratory to serve local hospitals and those abroad
  • Energy Industry, this has become one of our drive to get sustained so that we can tackle this crisis
  • Information Technology & Telecommunication Industry
  • Agriculture & Livestock.
  • Real Estate Development