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Official Web of Efatha Intellectuals Organization


Today we are glad to announce to you all that we have finished very interesting project that was in our tables for a month of developing the official website of Efatha Intellectuals Organization. Our team together with Efatha members put a lot of effort on making this website unique, maintaining their culture and deliver the intent of Efatha Ministry.

We really appreciate the effort showed by those guys at Efatha Ministry. They were very exited and hence makes a lot more easier for us to work with them. We really appreciate your hard working guys. In our part as usual it was fun, challenging and we kept putting ourselves to the edge, coming with crazy ideas that allow us to put unique products and deliver them on time NO MATTER WHAT!

You can visit the official web of Efatha Intellectuals Organization here

What Next

Dutu Group team is not yet done with this project as we offer free training on using the system for all our clients (while maintaining a wonderful support through out the first year of launch). We encourage you to visit this website as well as we found lots of great ideas (life ideas) as well as personal development ideas while working with them. Pay a visit every time you get that opportunity.

Lots of Creative Activities

We encourage you also to pay visit on this blog (Our official Dutu Group blog, also follow us on twitter, Google Plus and Facebook for all the latest news as we do not spare a time but we put a lot of effort and innovation on making beautiful things and crazy ideas at the same time. Welcome and stay tune for more exiting projects comming out next week.

Did I say NEXT WEEK? Oh Yeah! Stay tune and enjoy Union Day