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MD Attorneys - Great People, Great Environment and Wonderful Project!!!


As we promised last week, this week we are excited as usual to announce to you our newest project of consulting, designing, developing, hosting and maintaining the official website of MD Attorneys (advocates).


Working Closer, side by side

Working with MD Attorneys side by side, we managed to bring their imagination into reality which for us was not just mission accomplished yet but managed to get the "WAOH" sound every time they go page after page after page gave us that complete sense of satisfaction.

On this project we developed corporate branding then integrate it to the official web and push the brand to other media as well. We were able to work close to them and learned a lot about things like copyright laws, trademarks, ect (luck us).


Word of Thanks

We really appreciate the opportunity more people and companies gives us on working and solving their problems. We say thanks to MD Attorneys for the privilege of working together with them. We are now pro in Law industry (joking) but to be clear this opportunities means a lot to us as we venture into deeper realm of corporate solution provider and service provider.


To Everybody

We wish to remind you that our prices are affordable for web development and hosting as well, just contact us and we will be here to help. Also in the process we will sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) together with other agreements to make sure that at the end non of your information (protected information) leak out to the public. Of-course we are professional at what we do and this was to remind you of what we do always.

Best regards and enjoy your day