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System Analysis & Design


System exists because it is designed to achieve one or more objectives. We come into daily contact with the transportation system, the telephone system, the accounting system, the production system, and, for over two decades, the computer system. Similarly, we talk of the business system and of the organization as a system consisting of interrelated departments (subsystems) such as production, sales, personnel, and an information system. None of these subsystems is of much use as a single, independent unit. When they are properly coordinated, however, the firm can function effectively and profitably.

There are more than a hundred definitions of the word system, but most seem to have a common thread that suggests that a system is an orderly grouping of interdependent components linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific objective.

Our Take

Dutu Group Limited is focusing in delivering the best System Analysis and Design solutions which will help your company to concentrate in its core business without worrying of the underlying technology that enables there pace in executing the priorities.

Research says many company fail to deliver or fail to reach their full potential only because Technology gets into their way; well we are here to let you know that, that is no longer a case. If you trust us to work on your systems we will take a deep look into the things that matters and those which don't matter so that we can separate them and deal with the importance only

Our Coverage

Having broad knowledge in System Analysis and Design, we cover the wide range of SAD related solutions. The emphasis to our solutions rely in the following:

  • Workplace : This department covers two main parts which are Server side and Client side (User side). It is our responsibility ensuring both Server side administrators and End users get the best technology and procedures needed to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Through systems analysis, we get to know what needs to be done to cover the following:-
    • Help systems administrators to save time and reduce human errors over traditional PC deployment.
    • Help the company to reduce the costs associated with OS migration , deployment, and provisioning desktops, laptops, and servers throughout the organization.
    • Help systems administrators to increase IT efficiency through automated, repeatable deployments tasks Help users get IT support on time without compromise.
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) : Our professionals in Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) are responsible in assessing every possible risk. What impact do poor cable management have on your people and systems? What is the best way to prevent fire and electric shocks. Proper Cable-management equipment protects people against electrical accidents and equipment against premature wear and accidental loss of power. This fields covers:-
    • Cable-management equipments
    • Fire fighting equipment with and electrical rating
    • An emergency power shutdown control
    • Lightning protection
    • Power-line treatment, such as UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Consult on the Best Practice in IT execution :We can consult you on the best practice to yield more result of your core business. What we do is conducting research, talking to your employees, talking to you to understand your actual vision then put it into test for the architectural approach and then come up with the best way to implement your plans