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Web Services

Web Designing & Web Development

We are focusing in offering you the best web experience the way it was meant to be and the way you want your client to translate. We know that the decision of designing a website is not just for fun but you are building a platform where your customer will translate your offering as the solution to their problems. We are the right people to work the magic and make it happen

As a professional web designers and consultants before you even commit yourself to our services we take a time together with you so that you can understand your need and if web is the right solution for you . We do not just take your money and meet your demand and depart, but we help you though out the way and treat you special as you are special to us.

Our professional can build any kind of web, from simple brochure website to a fully interactive web experience. Simply put it this way, we can meet your demands and help you identify your needs. Our client base and excellent reputation is steadily growing, and we have completed a good number of projects ranging from small organizations to large corporations.

User Experience Engineering

We do UX Engineering in two ways; either as part of your web design project or just consultation of user experience to your existing or new web project. During UX engineering we always go through thee important phases, these are the research phase, the design phase and validation phase. Here follow the details in every phase:

  • The research phase is where we immerse ourselves in the project to get the background we’ll need to make design decisions later in the project. During this phase we will try to learn as much about our client’s business, objectives, users and competitors as possible.
  • The design phase is where we work out how what we are designing will work and how it will fit together. This phase will define its scope, its features and functionality and how it behaves.
  • The validation phase is where we identify whether what we came up with in the design phase actually works with its intended audience. This phase is typically followed by further rounds of design and testing to solve the problems we inevitably find when we test with users.

We know this stuff may be a bit heavy to you as may be this is not your domain of expertise but its important for us to highlight them here so that you become aware of the process we go through with your project so that you can rest assure of our delivery

Content Strategy & Information Architecture

Its our responsibility to make sure that your contents that goes to your website to meet your prospects are well thought of. Not just dumping the entire pamphlet or the entire company profile. In any project we are doing we spent enough time with you brainstorming on content architect to strategies for the audience we expect and those we less expect

They say "content is the key to a better website" and we promise to put as much effort to deliver well organized contents to satisfy your customers and prospects alike. In any project we put much emphasis in the following few points which helps us to build better contents

  • We want to know your Key Message
  • We want to know your Audience (age group, location, language, gender, etc)
  • We want to review your company profile to understand your goals, mission, vision, etc
  • We want to know what your prospects would like to hear from you

Search Engine Optimization & Online Advertising

SEO is the practice of making it easier for site owners and their audience to find each other, to meet the objectives of the site owner and the informational and situational needs of that audience. This means in part helping site owners find the right language to use that audience members will search for, and overcoming technical obstacles that might keep search engines from crawling and indexing the great content developed for that audience.

It is not simply “Search Engine Optimization” (we don’t optimize search engines), but more “Search Experience Optimization.” Users are the main focus of real SEO. Hence SEO means making sure search engines can find, properly classify and value content. “Properly” means “from the perspective of a human being performing a relevant query.”

We are the helper, assistant, an aide, to make it possible for the your site to have a voice to share your wares or publish your message or educate others. We do this with the experiences and expertise we've developed from having worked with site owners of many different types, from having studied the search engines’ guidelines and practices, and from having researched sources such as patents and papers and blog posts from the search engines and from others who study the search engines.

We can help with the creation of content in a number of ways. These can include working with copywriters, researching keywords and competitors, and helping to develop a marketing strategy. The focus is on a collaborative effort with you as a site owner that enables and helps you to improve your visibility on the Web.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

We have entered in agreement with top of the line hosting providers to make sure that your website will live online without experiencing "technical difficulties" with an excuse that "we are in Africa, those are to expect". We value your business and we believe it demand international standard and we are happy to let you know that we are living to those standards.

We provide Web Hosting service that which Email services (i.e. yourname@yourdomain example This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), long has gone days of relying on free Email providers with lots of ads like Yahoo, GMail, etc to host your business Email. Your Email will be clean and straight to the point while keeping the best part to impress your client with self branded Email Address. We also provide services like, Unlimited Hosting Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Sub Domains, cPanel, etc

We register local (.co.tz, .or.tz, .go.tz, etc) and most popular domains names (ie .com, .org, .net, .tv, .info, etc) fast, simple and affordable. Also We provide support 24/7/4/12!!! We take the burden of managing a domain from you and leave you with the things that matters to you which are your core business

When your business is ready to go online, let it be small organization, newspaper, e-commerce, non-profit organization, education institution, health institution, or a company, contact us via our Email or phone call and we will be right there to help you with the process, but to start with click here